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"Waxing Poetic About Special Someones"

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"Waxing Poetic About Special Someones" Empty "Waxing Poetic About Special Someones"

Post by FukinSpookie Sun Apr 28, 2024 2:20 pm

"Waxing Poetic About Special Someones"

You can never imagine life without someone until the time comes
when you live your life without that someone.

Life happens. Fate intervenes. You know it does.
One would be the most damnedest of fools to try and deny it.

I know for a fact, that you're no fool. Neither am I
My confidence for a change is unshakeable.

The older you get older, the further you find yourself drifting apart.
Slowly going your separate ways.

Marching to the sound of different drums. If you're skilled, you learn to pilfer old memories.
Happier times indeed.

Every color fades though. Green most especially.
Eventually they all wash out.

Some quicker than others,
one's effort depending.

Sure of course they're still there.
For a while, at least,

But one day, they'll be gone. Nothing be seen.
Not a trace.

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