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"God Speaks To Me By Way Of Coin Flips" [2023]

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"God Speaks To Me By Way Of Coin Flips" [2023] Empty "God Speaks To Me By Way Of Coin Flips" [2023]

Post by FukinSpookie Fri Jun 02, 2023 7:16 am

heads heads 
tails tails tails.

God speaks to me 
by way of coin flips.
Quarters and dimes: a last resort for feckless men.
God knows one such can be found now
wriggling beneath his sheets
until he's gotten himself good and comfortable.
I'm not comfortable.
It's eighty-three degrees and twelve forty-eight past noon.
The birds are singing at my window
so it'll be time to sleep soon.
But then they've been singing all day.
Just look at the time.
God speaks to me by way of coin flips,
because I'm too much of a bitch to speak to you myself.

Heads? Tails? 

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