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"Lovers On The Promenade" [2023]

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"Lovers On The Promenade" [2023] Empty "Lovers On The Promenade" [2023]

Post by FukinSpookie Fri Jun 02, 2023 7:06 am

Lovers out on the promenade,

better together, sweet as lemonade.
Beneath a streetlight, this is their chance
they've probably only got tonight.
Warm breezes blow at their backs,
muss up their hair.

Lovers out on the promenade,
he would call it destiny, a certainty, meant to be,
a real long spiel.
She'd tell him to hush.
They've got some look in their eyes,
not quite love, not quite lust.

Lovers on the promenade,
making it quick.
A gentle caress, fingertips delicate on cheeks,
long awaited embrace, armaggedon in one anothers arms.
Neither of them thought they'd ever share a kiss.

In a while, he'll still remember her taste.
Wet and warm, a hint of hurt.
In a whiles yet to come,
it'll then have been five or six years too late.
He's not a boy with a grasp on time.

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