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Get Off My Corner With Your Broke Ass [prompt][2023]

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Get Off My Corner With Your Broke Ass [prompt][2023] Empty Get Off My Corner With Your Broke Ass [prompt][2023]

Post by FukinSpookie Wed Apr 19, 2023 7:34 pm

"Get Off My Corner With Your Broke Ass"

Peaches, he called himself peaches
and he'd been reading me like some dirty French novel
for around fifteen minutes.
It doesn't help that I'd been staring at him.
Who wouldn't?
Tell me you wouldn't.
I don't believe you.
He smacked on his gum
shtick-tick shtick-tick shtick-tick,
then rifled through his pocket
fishing out quick his little red notebook.
He smelled of perfume, he smelled of cologne.
Puffs of vanilla, flushes of flowers, vestige hints of soap.
My hopes for quick and discrete went out the window
when he started rattling off his prices.
Fifteen dollars for this.
Ten bucks for that.
Five extra for such n' such.
"Oh ya want some of that? I charge extra for that one."
Unfortunately for me, I was quite broke.
Shtick-tick went his lip smack bubblegum.
"Sorry bud, not today, back from where ya came from"
Peaches, he called himself Peaches.
What a sweet name.
"No really guy, get off my corner with your broke ass"

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