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A Somewhat Self Aware Ghost Waits For A Train [2020]

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A Somewhat Self Aware Ghost Waits For A Train [2020] Empty A Somewhat Self Aware Ghost Waits For A Train [2020]

Post by FukinSpookie Sun Mar 26, 2023 8:32 pm

"A Somewhat Self Aware Ghost Waits for A Train"

I'm going to be real honest with you right now.
I'm not quite sure of where I am, how I ended up here
or when I got here at all.
Am I dead? I must be dead.
That though doesn't explain the train station I find myself in.
Does Heaven have rail service?
Does Hell?
Ah I don't know. Still,
I find myself sitting and watching trains all the same.
It's been an hour, maybe even two, and they keep on passing me by.
This could be a while.
I think it's somewhat symbolic, sometimes
thinking that I have died.
I once again can't be entirely sure I am.
The clerk gave me a dirty look and sent me back to the bench.
In that digression I lost the point, the plot, and the forest for the trees.
Ah! I sometimes wonder if you've felt the same.
If you've realized too that nothing is permanence.
You're a smart one, you always have been. I have faith in
Your ability to figure that one out without my help.
"Autumn leaves a lasting impression of impermanence crunching under foot!"
They're so very damned fond of saying.
Maybe there's no Heaven, no Hell.
It's hard telling when all I've been doing is sitting here.
Maybe this is the afterlife after all.
Maybe, perchance, I'm only here,
awaiting departure.

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