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Ken the Creeper [2023]

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Ken the Creeper [2023] Empty Ken the Creeper [2023]

Post by FukinSpookie Mon Apr 03, 2023 10:05 pm

"Ken the Creeper"

Greetings, hello, and a good evening onto whomever this would concern.
I haven't learnt your name yet, unfortunately.
It should be understood and brought to your attention that your closet is where I'm hiding.
Where I've been hiding over the last handful of weeks actually.
I was sure at first you would notice me or be somehow alerted to my presence.
That you'd be stirred by a thump in the night or my breathing, just out of sight.
On the contrary and much to my surprise, you're quite the heavy sleeper.
While yes I'm impressed, I'm digressing here and straying from the point.
I've left you this here note, humbly requesting two things of you.
First? Please do not be frightened. 

Should I wake you tonight
I would have to explain my reasons for being here in the first place in a hurry.
And we both know you're sure to call the police.

I don't want that to happen.
You see God himself spoke to me, and as per my divinely ordained instructions
I'm to watch you dream I'm to watch you sleep.
Secondly? Slide some food beneath your closet door tonight.
On top of my periodic bouts of loneliness, I do find myself mightily,
ravenously hungry.
If you could be so kind, I request roast beef.

- Sincerely, yours truly and with much love, Ken the Creeper

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