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A Self Affirmation of Sorts [2021]

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A Self Affirmation of Sorts [2021] Empty A Self Affirmation of Sorts [2021]

Post by FukinSpookie Sun Mar 26, 2023 8:28 pm

"A Self Affirmation"

I've come to realize something stunning as of late.
I don't do enough for me.
Naturally you'll maybe agree that this isn't a healthy state
to find yourself in.
Time of course is ticking away.
I can't deny it and quite frankly neither can you or
anybody else.

It occurs to me today that I
should write my mind out.
Or type it if I find myself preferring.
Typing's easier and I honestly can barely read my own hand writing.
Who cares, so long as I have the audacity in me to dare and do it.
Should I leave a thought left incomplete? That's fine.
That's quite alright.
I can always come back to it some other time.

Whatever makes me happy.

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