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No Love For Gracie Plundell [2022]

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No Love For Gracie Plundell [2022] Empty No Love For Gracie Plundell [2022]

Post by FukinSpookie Thu Mar 30, 2023 2:27 pm

"No Love for Gracie Plundell"

Here she is and here it comes.
Twenty-eight years of, 
tender hearted
Home spun.
Home grown.
Plain jane mediocrity
I can't say I ever loved her.
I never did I never will.
So begins screaming crying, wailing.
Great heaving sobs into her thickest comforter.
She doesn't change.
One certain headache hum-drumming against
my throbbing temples now for three days straight.
I've never loved her and I never will.
I'll never again think of poor poor Gracie Plundell.

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