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"A Crush on Sylvia Bland" [2022]

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"A Crush on Sylvia Bland" [2022] Empty "A Crush on Sylvia Bland" [2022]

Post by FukinSpookie Sun Mar 26, 2023 8:23 pm

"A Crush on Sylvia Bland"

I had this notion in mind,
that I would show her a handful of my creative works.
The hope was, you see 
that when I inevitably happened across her sat sad and moping on a street corner,
I might maybe cheer her up a little bit
with my humble collective of rhymes and hymns
sonnets and ballads
self affirmations and hack idle musings.
But no, no. That wasn't to be at all.
She chucked my prized notebook across the asphalt and
buried her head into her hands.
"What even is this?!" she cried from behind her palms.
"It's p-poetry!" I stammered, my shaky defense.
She sniffed a fat gob of snot back up her nose.
She was disgusted.
Have I ever told you how cute her nose is?
I don't know what she expected of me. Prose?
"You're horrid! The worst!" she wailed, and, began sobbing again.
That wasn't at all what I was expecting.
"Each phrase! Each rhyme! God you can't rhyme to save your life! Each verse! Go away!"
I hurriedly left her. Maybe I should've stayed despite how irate my Shakespearean sonnets
made her.
And while yes I did scurry away rather quickly, and yes
I left knowing I should've felt like an ass for trying too hard to impress her,
in the end I think she liked it.

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